RIP Google+

09.10.18 в 09:00 Интересное 2890

Google is closing down Google+ over lack of use and security issues.

“We are shutting down Google+ for consumers” - Ben Smith, Google Fellow and Vice President of Engineering.

Representatives of the company said that the service in its previous form will be available only to corporate clients, for most users, main part of the functions will become unavailable.

One of the reasons for this decision was the low popularity of the service, 90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds. In fact, Google+ ends up as a social network.

Details of this decision will be announced later.

The interesting fact: immediately before making a decision to close the general public, the fact of a major security incident on Google+ became known.

Security issues allowed third-party developers to access user data from 2015, until bugs were discovered and corrected in March 2018. When a user confirmed permission to access data of his public profile, the vulnerability allowed developers to extract non-public information from his profile and his friends' profiles.

Data from nearly 500 thousand accounts were potentially subject to abuse. Full names of users, email addresses, dates of birth, gender, profile photos, place of residence, occupation and status of relations were available for parsing.

As measures to prevent such situations, Google made a number of improvements as part of the new Project Strobe initiative. It's aimed at revising the rules for access to Google user accounts and data from Android devices.

In particular, Google proposes to restrict developers access to data from Android devices and from the mail service Gmail. They will take away permissions to read call logs and SMS, and through the Android Contacts API it will no longer be possible to receive data on the interaction of contacts.





伴随着会联网的广泛使用,随之带来一系列的危险。首先涉及到匿名和安全性。如果信息不设防范手段,您的数据很可能被入侵 — 这里举个例子,关于在公用网络中的私人的信件。

最初的互联网预想让空间没有国界化,无论在在那里都可以绝对匿名地获取任何信息。现在很多国家都出现了禁止访问某些资源的情况 。

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